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18th April 2024 
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Tailored Talking Therapy

Psychodynamic: views the childhood experiences of growing up which makes you the individual you are today. As such here, we will look at issues from your earlier years as affecting you today. Difficult childhood experiences are ‘locked’ in the unconscious with defence mechanisms. Working on such defences and becoming aware of your unconscious elements are key to living in the ‘here and now’.

Humanistic: is a sense of describing how we make sense of living and being as individuals by being in the present moment – ‘the here and now’. By reflecting on this ‘present state’ you can realise a change in perception of self and others. Trust is fundamental with both of us working together equally to resolve issues.

Behavioural: experiences learnt from the past can become reinforced and stronger as these experiences are repeated. By identifying the behaviour(s) we can look at how they started and repeated in your life to then make change.

Transpersonal: helps to work with the spiritual inner aspect of you and your Self. It can help with your own view of a Higher Power or connecting you with other individuals and the Universe. Many of us at some point in our life wonder about why we are here and what purpose we may have.

I work as an eclectic counsellor/ psychotherapist, to enable you to bring out the best in yourself, from your Self. This enables me to work with various therapies to suit you rather than suiting you to the therapy. I will discuss with you which therapies we can use for you to decide what feels best for you individually.

Some client feedback:
... the way Andrew was able to sum up and show me some of the areas ... was very powerful. I did feel he was able to understand me.

...The sessions have been very helpful to me and I feel positive progress is being made.

... Very interesting session today I feel like I am looking at myself and my life with the eyes of an adult

...Today’s session like many other sessions helped me to see and look at things from a different perspective

...just because ‘I’ve coped’ in a certain way for many years that doesn't mean that it was the right way.

...Andrew has always been kind and attentive...I rethink and can come to different and less destructive understandings about past events. Thank you for being so patient and helping me to get this far

Increasing your awareness helps bring out the ‘you’ that you want to be.